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About Lanka4Us

Lanka4Us – Professional ICT Services will serve as central location for your requirements. We are currently involving with Genuine Software Distribution, Closed Circuit Television Installation, Intrusion Detection System installations & Monitoring, Dynamic DNS Registration, Domain Name Registration & Management, Web Designing,Network Switches, Network Wiring and Infrastructure implementation, Network Security,IP PBX, IP Phones, VOIP Equipment, Hardware Items reselling.


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Lanka4Us – Professional ICT Services



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Professional ICT Services



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Permanent Address

No.39/259, Dodamgahahena Road,

Ambagaha Junction,

Rajagiriya (10107)

Western Province

Sri Lanka.


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Tel: +94 11 20 72 506

Mobile: +94 72 389 0225

Fax: +94 11 20 72 506

E-Mail: support@LankaUs.com


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