CCTV Systems

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CCTV Systems (DVR/NVR)

Closed-circuit-television system includes a main unit known as DVR or NVR.  Digital Video Recorder(DVR) and Network video recorder(NVR)  functions as the main unit  which connect cameras directly or indirectly

Video Camera (Analog / Digital)

Video Cameras are used to transmit a video and or Audio signals to the DVR or NVR. There are two types of video cameras categorized by its connectivity technology. Analog camera uses analog electrical signal to transmit it’s data to the DVR. DVR captures the analog signal and records it in DVR. Digital cameras uses switches or routers to connect to the NVR. It need to be configured with a IP address to connect to the NVR and configure.

In the operation DVR and NVR uses common menu to show its configuration data. It knowledge is needed to configure a NVR

Cables(power / Video)


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