Security for your computer equipments or devices

  What is Security? Are we need Security or a protection system to protect our Data, Information’s, computers and or computer network from cyber attacks? Yes, every one need a protection system to protect their data, Information, computers and or computer network. Why?? we have already windows defender protecting our computers data and information’s. That’s true but It’s not capable to protect us form all cyber attacks. You can find more details on security software’s from  Gartner Inc., a international research & advisory firm involving in researches for IT, Finance, HR, Customer Service and  Support. Lanka4Us – Professional ICT Services identified this security requirement as an essential and started distribution of the products from world leading security software companies such as Malwarebytes, Symantec & Trend Micro.  

General Security Guidelines to protect your computers

  Security, When it comes to you…. we have some guide lines. 1. Remember to change your password regularly. (Never use the password for more than two months.) 2. Use combination of Simple letters, Capital letters, Symbols and Numeric in your password. Length should be 8 or more.. 3. Never share your passwords with anybody else. 4. When web sites requesting you to create accounts never use your email address with the same password. 5. Remember to install a good virus guard. ( Free software can not provide you the best support to protect) 6. Remember to install updates for operating system, software and firmware and upgrade when possible. 7. Never use a computer with a obsolete operating systems or applications. 8. Always secure your user account with a Security code and remember to lock when you  leave it.   When you follow our guidelines you will get protected from various security threats and also support to eliminate spreading the viruses, trojans, spyware, adware and Potentially unwanted Programs(PUP) etc..  

Security for your valued Property

  Here we have covered the security for electronic devices such as  computers, computer network, phones etc.. If you are looking to protect your properties (Business property, Home etc.. ) please click here to visit the related section.  
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